Submission Criteria

Educators are invited to submit information and images about their World War I lessons and projects for sharing on our website and archiving in our official record of the Commission.  Please review the criteria for submissions below.

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What type of information can I submit?
We are collecting text description and images describing your work (NOT lesson plans).  You can also provide us with links to websites, videos, media coverage, etc.  We also collect some general information about your project.

What topics are accepted?
We will accept submissions about any project that teaches U.S. students about World War I, or that teaches any students (including international ones) about the U.S. involvement in the war.

Can I submit past projects? What is the deadline?
We will accept submissions about projects/activities carried out between August 2014 and Spring 2019.

Can I submit more than one project/activity
Yes! We encourage multiple submissions for each separate activity, especially if you have multiple classrooms or groups over the course of the commemoration.

Do I have to be a school teacher?
No!  We welcome submissions from any educator working to educate and engage young people about America’s World War I story.  After-school program leaders, volunteers, and others can submit projects they have organized.

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Can I submit an individual research project?
Yes, as long as this project is primarily carried out by one or more students, and there is a sharable outcome.  For instance, if you research the story of a family member who served in World War I, you must create a report, video, art project, performance, etc. that shares your work with others.

Can I submit my students’ WWI-themed National History Day projects?

Can students submit their own work?
We prefer that educators submit work on behalf of students.  However if for some reason this is not possible, students may submit their own work, provided that it meets the criteria on this page.

What legal requirements are there for submissions?
All submissions become the property of the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission, and can be utilized and shared by the Commission for whatever purposes it deems appropriate.  It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that their submission meets their organization, locality, or state requirements for submitting information and images depicting others (especially minors).  It is also the responsibility of the submitter to affirm that they have the right to submit the work and the content (text and images) they provide.

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